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简介A lot can happen in a work day. If you’d like to be ready for anything the day throws at you, you should keep these 8 office desk essentials on hand at all tim

A lot can happen in a work day. If you’d like to be ready for anything the day throws at you, you should keep these 8 office desk essentials on hand at all times.工作时啥事都能冒出来,若想应付自如,办公桌上最好随时有以下8个必备用品。

1. List of the day’s priorities当天的优先任务清单

How will you know you’ve reached your destination if you don’t have a map? Don’t write down everything you have to do: limit yourself to a short list of actionable items that will move you forward in some way. They could help you with health, fitness, your relationship, work, or whatever you want to do. The point is to focus on key tasks that are relevant. If you’ve ever complained about teachers who gave you “busy work” that did nothing to mould you as a person, you know it’s easy to get caught up in stuff that really doesn’t matter. Be minimal to avoid getting distracted.不看地图怎能知道自己是否到达目的地?不必事无巨细写下一切,简单记下能够达成的任务就行。这些任务应有益于健康健身、人际关系、工作或其他方面。而且,一定要专注于相关的重点任务。要是你曾抱怨过老师总安排毫无实际意义的沉重作业,你会发现自己确实会陷入一堆琐事中。所以切记避免分心。

2. Spare phone charger备用手机充电器

I never remember to take my phone to work, so it’s always on the brink of death by the end of the work day. Really, I could stand to spend a bit less time looking for my phone—just like everybody else—but nonetheless, a phone drained of battery life wouldn’t be able to make a call if you ever needed it to. Keep a spare charger at work to save yourself potential inconvenience.我从不记得把手机带到办公室,所以每到下班,手机常常快没电了。说实话,像其他人一样,我也还能忍受费神地到处找手机,但如果找到手机后发现电池完全不够用来打个电话,我可要崩溃了。在办公室里放个充电器,以备不时之需。

3. Water bottle瓶装水

Everybody knows that they’re supposed to drink more water, but nobody actually does it. Be one of the proud members of Club Hydrated by keeping a water bottle at your desk. A dehydrated brain is an unhappy brain that struggles to think clearly, so drinking more water will help you be more focused and productive at work. Cheers to that!所有人都知道要多喝水,但真正做到的人并不多。在桌上放瓶水,成为那个能做到的人吧。人体若水分不足,大脑为了清醒思考会极其耗神。多喝水能保证你工作更专注更有效。来,喝一杯!

4. Light snacks健康零食

If you are an office worker, I bet you’re surrounded by sweet and sugary temptation on a near-daily basis. While the occasional doughnut won’t kill you, eating one daily will wreck your weight-loss plan in a hurry. Keep some light snacks at your desk so you can make a positive decision if your stomach grumbles. You could keep a few bananas and apples or a bag of nuts like almonds or walnuts for some healthy fats and vitamins that will provide your body with sustainable energy.如果你是办公白领,我敢打赌,你也每天受着甜糯零食的诱惑!虽说每天一个甜甜圈无甚大碍,但长此以往却会让你的减肥计划功亏一篑。所以,在办公室里放点健康零食,至少饿的时候也能吃得健康些。你可以带点香蕉、苹果、杏仁或核桃等坚果,这些零食富含健康脂肪和维生素,能为身体持续补充能量。

5. Box of tissues一盒纸巾

Have you ever had a sneeze come on when there were no tissues in site, and then found yourself with a handful of icky snot? This is an embarrassing public moment that makes even the best of us want to disappear. Spare yourself the awkwardness this fall and winter by stowing a box of tissues under your desk. Trust me—you’ll be glad you did!有没有过打喷嚏时身边没纸巾,结果喷得一手鼻涕?这在公共场合绝对尴尬十足,谁都恨不得找个地缝钻下去。今年秋冬,在办公桌上放一盒纸巾,远离这种尴尬吧。相信我,这么做绝对没错!

6. Framed photos镶框相片

Just because your loved ones aren’t with you doesn’t mean you can’t think about them. Remembering that there is a spouse/children/dog/cat/fish/snake at home that loves us makes work days more bearable. If your’e feeling stressed out, all you have to do is look at a photo of a loved one and be happy you get to see them soon. Also, an undecorated desk is a boring desk (and who wants to be boring?).亲人不在身边并不表示你不能想念他们。工作时想想亲人孩子或养的猫狗鱼蛇,会减压不少。当你紧张疲倦时,只要看看照片里的至亲至爱,想想不久就能见面,就能舒缓很多。如果办公桌光秃秃的,那也太乏味了吧?谁会去喜欢乏味呢?

7. Gum or breath mint口香糖或薄荷喷雾

Your tuna sandwich tastes a lot better than it smells. If you work in an office where you’re chatting with people in close proximity on a regular basis, you’d be well-advised to keep some minty gum or breath mints on hand.呃,你的金枪鱼三明治吃起来还不错,就是太难闻了……如果工作常常需要近距离和同事沟通,建议你最好备一些薄荷口香糖或清新口气喷雾。

8. Personal hygiene/body care products个人卫生/护肤用品

You might want to consider keeping some deodorant, mouthwash, and other personal care products around in case you find yourself running straight to a date after work so you can touch up if necessary. Ladies: I’m not going to discuss feminine products in detail because you know what I’m talking about, so let’s just say that keeping them on hand might be a good idea for obvious reasons as well.或许你需要在办公室放些除臭剂、漱口水或其他个人护理用品,这样万一下了班后赶约会还能应付两下。女士们:我这里不想细说某些女性用品,知道我指的是什么吧?在办公室备上一些绝对是明智之举呵!


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